Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short drive to Shamirpet

After getting the camera, I was anxious to test it out, play around with it and do all sorts of new things that I hadn't done before, and never knew how to do before! What better idea than to team up with my friends here and go to a place that I've never seen before and that too with people I've never known! :D 

My friend joined this forum called Team-BHP, if you've ever gone on a road trip in this country, I'm sure you've consulted their forums for information at least a couple of times if not more. Anyways, so they have a very enthu group in Hyderabad who plan drive meets, etc. So once he became a part of the forum, they had this plan and we thought it'll be a good idea to meet new people, etc. 

So off we went! It was me, my roommate, Neha and my friend, Ashish (in whose car we went). The place wasn't that great, only about 40 kms outside of Hyderabad, so that was hardly a drive because we were within literally an hour or an hour and a half of driving and most of that was through bad traffic! But nevertheless, I had fun shooting my roommate, the various scenes that passed me by and the lake when we reached. 

Glimpses of our trip in this video... I know the sound track might not be the best suited, but the last scene sort of made me want that track. :) For the ones who didn't guess it right, this is 'O Mitwa' from Lagaan.

Wait for my next posts as I travel across countries to Hong Kong and then to a nearby beach from Hyderabad called Suryalanka... 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nascent shots at home...

It's funny how one night when I'm sitting in my night dress, I have this tinkling excitement inside of me. I want to click. I want to hear the sound of the shutter in the camera. It's like an adrenaline rush. And so that's precisely what I do! I take my camera out and start clicking things just the way they are. It's is testament to the beauty of the camera that these things end up looking so beautiful with so much depth through the lens...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank You V

For being the person who takes care of me,
For being the person who's my backbone,
For being the person who makes me smile no matter what,
For being the person who showed me the good, bad and the beautiful side of life,
For being the person who literally helped me live this life,
For being the person who gave me this gift,
For being THE person in my life.